Top 7 content marketing tools and How to use them.

Top 7 content marketing tools and How to use them.


Before diving into the content marketing tools, we need to understand What Content marketing is. Content marketing is a strategy to create valuable content and publish the relevant sources, consistently to the audience, and lead them to drive customer profitable action. 

For example, this post is my content and you are here to educate yourself. 

Content is to provide knowledge to your customers about yourself, the company. It is nowhere related to the sales.


Content may be in the form of audio like audiobooks,  podcasts, videos, and webinars, or in the written form like this article, infographics, newsletters, ebook, books.


Content creation may sound extremely overwhelming at once, especially for beginners. In this article, we will learn about content marketing and content marketing tools to be used to make the creation process much easier.


  • Google trends


This tool by Google analyzes the popularity of the search queries and represents it in the form of graphs. The search volume can be viewed by sorting it based on the area/region of your interest. The trends datasets are a real-time value. Say you are just starting out and you are confused about where to start from, what to write about. Google trends will answer you.

  1. It shows the trending topics people are searching for, worldwide and region-wise. You could as well view the data based on the duration of searches.
  2. If you are into e-commerce and dropshipping, it will be helpful to know the seasonal trends.
  3. It helps you find your niche!

         This image shows the interest over 12 months duration.

google trends graph

This image shows the interest data based on demographics.Demographics


  • Google Autosuggest


You might be wondering right now, let me tell you how it is very useful. And also why I call it a tool.


Now that you have chosen your niche or a particular topic, you should now think about what people want to know relative to your topic. Unless you try and understand what people are searching for, what is lacking, or how would you be able to educate them about a particular topic, it could be for your niche, or for your client. You got to make sure that you are answering most of the people.

You are probably here because I knew you were looking for content marketing tools.

Auto suggest

  1. AnswerThePublic


AnswerThePublic listens into autocomplete data from search engines like Google then quickly cranks out every useful phrase and question people are asking around your keyword.

When it comes to writing content, you also should make sure about the title or in other words, to make people understand directly about what your article will be, what will they learn from it. AnswerThePublic ensures that it’s as optimized and targeted as possible. 



  • Liner


Now that you know what exactly you will be writing about, you will have to do some research on the topics. While creating content, we come across many things that seem to be of greater importance. As we use traditional highlighters to mark important points in our books, this is the digital version of it. 

This is a google chrome extension. Just drag and drop is all you need to do. You can change the title, add a tag, you could also comment on the lines as in adding notes.

You could also share the webpages with the highlight and comments.

It comes to the rescue when you are reading something online and want to write it down somewhere. 

Be it a webpage or any PDFs, they got it covered. As their tagline says, Highlight the internet.



  •  Mind meister and Meister task


Framing your content is one of the important processes. Organizing the abundant information is no less than a task. Mind meister is the best tool for brainstorming sessions. You can make mind maps that are visual, creative and will definitely not let you have writer’s block.

Meister task is an online task management tool, You could use this tool to get your team together, plan the tasks, and organize the tasks. This tool is very customizable and adaptive based on individual needs. It saves your time as it has automated workflows.


 You could also connect both Mind Meister and Meister tasks, to achieve a smooth workflow, real-time collaboration. This tool is pretty simple to understand and is intuitive. This is a must-have if you want to ace the race of content marketing. 


Maps on Mind meister

Mind Meister map

Mind meister and meister task integration


Mind Meister and meister task


  • Evernote 


Evernote is a wonderful note-taking application in which you can write your notes, add pictures to it, you can plan your projects, you can share a particular notebook with your team members, colleagues. It is a very good tool to keep you organized. 



  •  Canva


When you are starting out on content marketing be it an agency or a personal brand, you need a good logo, business cards, flyers, brochures of services you are providing, creating attractive presentations for your clients, Canva is the best!

You can also choose templates, hundreds are available for free! Use this to stay connected with your customers by choosing and creating content on social media. Making infographics, blog banners, animated logos, short videos, thumbnails, anything is made way easier here! You can download these for free. Better quality ones are available if users opt for premium.

You can also choose this to publish your website as it covers all the webpages you need on a basic website.   

website design



How to use content marketing for SEO?


The best way to improve your Search Engine Optimization(SEO) is through content marketing. The key is to focus on the keywords your customers are searching for. We have already seen the tools you need to do good keyword research! When you start writing more and more content your customers would like to read, over time they become your loyal customers and start sharing it with others as well.

This will certainly improve your brand awareness and build a strong relationship with your customers. Remember, the key here is not to sell your product through your content! Your intention should be to educate them about your product/service. The title, meta description of your article should be taken extra care of.

When your content is engaging and is relevant to what the readers expect, your website will rank high on the organic search. Optimized sites, which have good speeds have high chances of a good ranking. 


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