Marketing Basics You Should Know!

Are you new to marketing? Want to learn some basics?

Marketing basics you should know!

In this article, I am going to bust some myths around marketing, we will also have a look at the types of marketing. This will be helpful for entrepreneurs, professionals and beginners in marketing.

Before we learn  marketing , it is more important to know what marketing is not about.

Let me bust some myths around marketing.

Myth 1: Marketing and advertising are the same.

Advertising is a part of marketing. However, vice versa isn’t true. There are many types in marketing. Email marketing, Content marketing, Search engine marketing, Social media marketing, so on and so forth. Advertising is something which talks about a product or service in order to promote it. On the other hand, Marketing is creating and exchanging offerings that have value for customers or clients. Next time when you say advertising is marketing, remember it’s like saying South Indians are all Malayalis!

Myth 2: Everyone is your customer.

When you are selling either your product or service you will have to keep many things in mind in order to serve a certain group of people called niche. You can’t consider a person as a customer of your wool sweaters who is allergic to wool. As simple as that.

Myth 3: If a certain plan has worked for others, it will work for you as well.

If a certain diet has helped a girl lose 6kgs in 15 days, it doesn’t mean the same diet would help you lose weight similarly. It depends on some other factors like her routine, her body type, etc.

Similarly, if a company made good sales only doing Social Media marketing, it can’t be the same with your company. Yours might need email marketing as well. So, be wise , choose what works for you.

By now, you might have got what marketing is not about. Marketing is all about 5 P’s. You might have heard about 4 P’s of marketing as Product, Price, Place, Promotion. One more P, which is sometime  added as  ‘People‘ is quite convincing. Well, what is marketing if customers are not being considered?!

Marketing is basically communicating value to your customer. When we recommend our friends, a certain dish at a restaurant or a cafe, we are marketing. It basically solves their problem even without them knowing if they had one.

Everything these days has shifted to online mediums. Therefore we have digital marketing.

Traditional marketing however was done through traditional medium like billboards, hoardings, newspapers, magazines, TV, etc.

The advertisements on TV reach millions at a low cost. But people who are not interested in those products/services also have to watch the ads. Meaning there is no personalized marketing. No deep marketing. On the other hand, digital marketing is very specific. You can send emails to people who want to read/watch your content. It is personalized. However, English speaking audiences are the only people who can become your customers.

 Personalized marketing is done through direct response marketing. One of the amazing marketing methods. When you schedule a webinar, launch your product, and then at the end, you get feedback and people actually buying your product is an example of it. You get a clear picture of how well the marketing was done and how many people have got interest in it.

To put everything in one sentence, digital marketing is the future and is here to stay.

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